Grand Prize Winner: The Nature Lover

We have a grand prize winner in our Valentine’s Day contest! It wasn’t easy picking a winner because there truly were a ton of excellent entries. This lovely photo from MrsKBad on Flickr really captured our attention. Read all about it on our blog.


Winner #1: @amydoodle5010

We have our first winner! Congrats to @amydoodle5010 on Instagram for this cute doggie photo. Amy showed us what she loved. What about you? What do you love? Tag your photo #pixlrlove to be entered to win:

Winner #2: Karyn Fuentes

We have a second winner in our Valentine’s Day photo contest. Karyn Fuentes, who hails from Laredo, Texas, shares this fetching photo that shows us what she loves: being a full-time student. Read all about her and her lovely entries. 

Winner #3: For the Love of Wife

We have another winner! @derkdork shows us what he loves — his wife. And to make his point even better, he uses a figurine of that gruff-but-loveable-sad-sack who also loved his wife in the Pixar movie Up, Carl Fredricksen. We don’t know about you, but we can’t make it one minute into the opening montage of that movie before the tears start dropping. Definitely the fastest movie cry in history. More about this winner here

Winner #4: The Big Reader 

Sohini Kumar loves reading. A lot. So do we, and we’re happy to crown her as today’s winner in our Valentine Day photo contest. We like the casual way she’s chilling out surrounded by all her books. Some great choices in that stack, Sohini. We’re huge Wodehouse fans (and of course Harry Potter fans). More about her winning entry here.

Winner #5: The Visitor

We have our fifth daily winner this week in our Valentine’s Day contest. We thought this was a truly great sentiment @oneblueangel shared about loving to travel and experience new things. For her prize, @oneblueangel chose a 12x12 CanvasPop print, which is always an excellent choice. Great prints and you can make it your own. Read more about this winning entry on our blog.